A portfolio of editorial work created for newspapers and magazines.

Why People Kill (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Science's Shadow (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Drip, Drip, Drip (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
A 2016 take on a piece done for The Deal magazine. The original article dealt with the US
government's bailout of the financial institutions necessitated by the housing market collapse.
Today, perhaps the concept could be applied to other things...
Energy Drink Sucker Punch (The Deal, LLC)
Hell's Kitchen (The Deal, LLC)
We Are Community: A hybrid drawing accompanying an essay in NDSU magazine.
Our Work Makes Us Better: A digitally-assembled/traditionally-manufactured piece for
NDSU magazine. 
On the Court with Homewood's Hoopsters (Johns Hopkins University Gazette)
The Arts and the Sciences (Minnesota State University Moorhead alumni magazine).
Top 10 Gunfights (Cowboys & Indians Magazine)
General Genocide (The Los Angeles Times)
Have Bullets, Will Travel (The Los Angeles Times)
Rendezvous With Violence (The New York Times Op/Ed)
Heaven or Bust (The Terrorist Drawings)
Generational Conflict (The Terrorist Drawings)
Cave Dweller (The Terrorist Drawings)
Alternative Transportation (The Terrorist Drawings)
Suicide Bomber (The Terrorist Drawings)
That Day (The Terrorist Drawings)
The Walls of the Cave (The Terrorist Drawings)
Palestine (The Los Angeles Times)
Bin. Done. (The Dallas Morning News)
What is What? (The Los Angeles Times Book Review)
While Rome burned, Nero played the violin (for a piece on global
warming for the New York Times Op/Ed page)
God's Choosing (accompanying an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times
concerning the selection of the next Pope)
Papal Revision (The Los Angeles Times)
The Pope and the Common Man (The Los Angeles Times)
The Beijing Olympics (The New Republic)
Watch Your Head (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Literary Evolution (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
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